Glass Buildings


Digital Payments 

  • Transaction Processing: 

  1. EFT Switch 
  2. Managed Services - Card/POS and ATM Products
  3. ​Kiosk Banking Services 

  • Card Products: 

  1. Issuance – Card Management System (CMS)

  2. (Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards, Travel Cards, Debit Cards, Credit Cards – Closed and Open Loop)

  3. Card Personalization and fulfillment Services

  4. Card Manufacturing – Magnetic Stripe, Chip + PIN, NFC, Biometric Cards, Metal Cards.

  • Acquiring – Merchant Acquiring

  1. Merchant Management Systems
  2.  Terminals Management Systems,

  3.  Merchant On-Boarding,

  4. POS Hardware (MPOS, GPRS, Android Terminals + Biometrics), Wearable Devices.

  • Payment Solutions – ECR, QSR (Quick Service Restaurants)

  • Hospitality, Retail, Transit, e-commerce/ m-commerce Solutions (marketplace)

  • New Digital Products and Solutions – QR, Wallets, Banking Platforms (Neo Banks, Digital Bank, Challenger Bank Solutions), Agency Bank Solutions, Kiosk Banking, Remittance Solutions, eKYC, Video KYC

  • Lending Solutions – Non-Banking Financial Services, SME, MSME, Retail Merchants 

  • Insurtech